About Our Stylists


(Top Stylist / Salon Owner)

After working at one of the busiest hair salons in Tokyo, Kazu went on to hone his craft in Australia and Canada. He has cut hair of every type for people from around the world, and currently has many Thai celebrity names on his client list. He is a prize-winning stylist at the Hair Asia Pacific’s Men’s Cut Competition, and is a qualified hair diagnostician.


(Stylist / Specialist of Hair Cut)

Yuka gained experience as a salon manager in Tokyo. Yuka became a “Specialist of Hair Cut” after she joined training program in London. She is a prize-winning stylist at the Lady’s Cut Competition, and is a qualified official therapist of EraL products. Yuka’s cutting technique is based on her original “face shape and personal color” analysis.


(Stylist / Specialist of Hair Care)

Morley gained experience as a hair stylist in Tokyo and Kyoto before coming to Thailand. He was a No. 1 stylist at the salon in Kyoto. As “Shampoo Sommelier”, he has a wide range of knowledge about shampooing, hair and scalp health care. He is your top adviser should you have any concerns with daily hair and scalp care.


(Stylist / Specialist of Kimono Dressing)

After working at several hair salons in Japan, Mitche made a career move to bridal field and gained experience of bridal hair, make-up and kimono dressing. She is one of the few kimono dressing specialist in Bangkok. She also believes that there is a direct link between healthy diet and real beauty. Hair and food related certificate holder.