About Us

URU SALON is a Japanese hair salon in Bangkok’s Prompong area (Sukhumvit 43) offering high-level techniques and services from Japan. Nurturing healthy hair is our passion. We envision URU SALON as a “Healthy Hair Sanctuary”, using hair-friendly products to revive your hair’s natural beauty. We provide practical solutions to treat hair problems and damage, which you have tolerated for far too long. We want you to experience beautiful hair that gives you a confidence boost in your everyday life. Think of us as a rescue team for damaged and overworked hair!


Customized Treatment, Made to Order

Our stylists treat different hair types every day. While the hair may appear similar from person to person, we take a deeper look. We factor in the quality and condition of your hair and scalp to select the best cuts, products and treatments for your individual needs. We also base our recommendations on your facial contours, and lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.


Hair and Scalp Diagnosis

Thinning hair is a common complaint but we are often too embarrassed to seek professional advice about it. And yet, attempting to address this issue on your own often leads to bad results, as you have nothing to go on but exaggerated advertising claims. At URU SALON, we use a microscope to assess the condition of your scalp and hair. Your stylist will then select the most suitable treatment and advise you on daily hair and scalp care methods, including diet recommendations.


Five-Years-Younger Hair

As with your skin, the condition of your hair changes over time. While you can use makeup to help your face look younger, your hair can still reveal your age. URU SALON uses only healthy, natural hair products, as your hair health is our top priority. We believe that this is the right approach to attaining shiny and smooth hair that not only looks five years younger but can be easily styled to suit your needs.